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Hello, if you’re enjoying our work and would like to help us make more videos there are several ways you can do so!

If you can do any of the following we would be very grateful, but please only do so if you can afford to!


Our community of supporters. Patreon means you can pay a monthly payment to the 86th Floor to support our work.

We have a wide range of Patreon benefits for supporters including early and exclusive access and physical rewards. We’ve also recently launched our cosplay showcase, where we get to spend a day filming with Patreons only. You can see the videos and photos from that showcase here!

Patreon tiers start at just $2 per month and also give you access to our Discord, a wonderful community that also has some of the web’s finest memes!


If you would like to make a one off payment or donation, we would also love that. Our KoFi is here and we accept any level of donation (within KoFi’s terms)


If you’re here due to our Gaming channel, then subscribing to us on Twitch is a great way to support our work. If you have Amazon Prime you get a free monthly subscription each month.So you can support us at no cost to yourself!

Non Financial

We realise that many of our followers and fans cannot support us financially. But there are still lots of way to support our work.


Watch our videos on YouTube – treat yourself to a cosplay binge with this playlist and let us know what you think!

Like and Subscribe

If you’re enjoying our work on YouTube, please hit that Like button and subscribe to our channel. If you really enjoyed the video please leave a comment we read every comment on all of our channels and try to respond to as many as possible. 


If you’ve enjoyed our work please share it on your favourite social media platforms. Sharing from this site or YouTube directly is best!


Follow us on our social media channels (You’ll also get a lot of early news and sneak peaks at new projects!)

All of the above really help us, and we’re so grateful for the audience who enjoy our work. If you have the time and ability to help it helps us make more videos – so thank you!

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