Is Dokomi Germany Europe’s Most Beautiful ComiCon?

In 2019 we visited Dokomi Germany for the first time to film a cosplay music video.

As one of Germany’s largest Anime and Japanese culture exhibitions, we expected to enjoy the convention but we couldn’t believe what an amazing time we had.

My Hero Academia Cosplay Dokomi 2019 009
My Hero Academia Cosplay at Dokomi 2019

Taking place in Messe Dusseldorf, the convention attracts cosplayers from across Europe. While the convention centre offered many exciting attractions and stalls, we spent most of our time in the adjacent gardens with the cosplayers. And we were treated to some of the very best in German cosplay!

Dokomi in the Sunshine is pretty much the prettiest location for a cosplay convention we could imagine!

This allowed us to get some of the prettiest cosplay video and photos we’ve ever captured.

From the open parkland spaces to the formal Japanese gardens, the locations for Dokomi kept giving us amazing places to film and photograph cosplay.


Rising of The Shield Hero Cosplayers at Dokomi
Rising of The Shield Hero Cosplayers at Dokomi

Our gallery below highlights just some of the cosplays we filmed including My Hero Academia, How To Train Your Dragon, Harry Potter, Critical Role and Dragon Prince.

Dokomi is a convention that we would unreservedly recommend to cosplayers across Europe. We can’t wait to return!


While Dokomi was put on hold for 2020 due to global events, we’re hoping it will return and are hoping for news from the organizers soon!

We visited Dokomi and MCM London in close succession and while it was a marathon doing the two cons b

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Dokomi 2019- Cosplay Gallery

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