86th Floor Cosplay Showcase August 2021 – Incredible Cosplay!

The latest 86th Floor Cosplay Showcase may just be our best video ever!

Creating our first showcase video in September 2021 was a massive learning experience, and ever since then we’ve been committed to making each showcase bigger and better than the last.

Filming for our August Cosplay showcase was certainly bigger and better than we could ever have imagined!

The first video from the shoot is embedded at the top of the article. It is also available to watch on our YouTube channel.

Dream SMP Cosplay
Minecraft Dream SMP – Philza and Technoblade cosplayers (@katielavabug & @icklecosplay)

We filmed the showcase across two days at The Grange an amazing LARP, Airsoft and Haddo site near Coventry.

With forests, buildings and open meadows we were spoiled for choice for locations. The cosplayers we filmed with brought some amazing costumes.

From Genshin Impact, to Dream SMP to Legend of Zelda to Good Omens to Miraculous Ladybug, the sheer range of cosplays was staggering. We can’t wait to see what else this year brings!

Cindy Final Fantasy XV Cosplay
Final Fantasy XV – Cindy Cosplayer (@jayesixx)

The Showcase Concept

We created our showcases to fill the space left by conventions not running in the UK, but they’ve very quickly grown to be something much bigger.

We have dedicated space and time with each cosplayer on these shoots. We make use of lights, fog and wind machines to get the best possible shots!

It’s resulted in some of our best work both in video and photos, and we’re so grateful to all the cosplayers who took part.

While we can’t wait to return to conventions, showcases will be a regular part of the 86th Floor schedule from now on. We’re currently looking at a range of locations across the UK, and we’re hoping to announce our next showcase very soon! Watch this space!

River Song cosplayer holding a Tardis Notebook
River Song from the show Doctor Who Cosplay (@333pineapples)

The shoot was open to our amazing Patrons. This was an incredible way to be able to say thank you to some of the people who support us, while also making them look epic in their amazing costumes.

About our Patreon

Our Patreon launched in October 2019 to help us make more videos and we’ve been blown away by the support we’ve received.

The Patreon has helped us upgrade our equipment, and along the way become the foundation of our Discord server, an incredibly supportive and warm community that we are very proud of.

Why not consider signing up to our Patreon joining the community and being part of the 86th Floor Cosplay showcase?

Keeping Safe while filming

While restrictions are relaxing in the UK, we were still very mindful of the health both of our cosplayers and crew. All of our shoots have changing facilities for cosplayers and enough room for social distancing.

Sett Cosplayer League of Legends
Sett (League of Legends) Cosplay (@grabbinlegs)

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