Japan Weekend Madrid 2022 – The 86th Floor Return for Amazing Cosplay!

Japan Weekend Madrid 2022 Cosplay Music Video!

Spain’s biggest Anime convention is back at the IFEMA Madrid Convention Center. The Japan Weekend event saw tens of thousands of Otaku from all over Spain come together to celebrate their love for Japanese and fan culture.

The 86th Floor’s video shows why discerning convention attendees and cosplay fans should definitely have Japan Weekend MAdrid on their radar!

We were back to film the cosplayers at the convention.  And despite it being our first visit to the convetion in 2 years it still felt like coming home!

The video showcases some incredible cosplays that will leave you breathless. Highlights include stunning Arcane, Genshin Impact and  My Hero Academia costumes. The video is live on YouTube now and demonstrates the incredible talent in the Spanish cosplay community!

Japan Weekend Madrid 2022 Video Thumbnail
Japan Weekend Madrid 2022

And thankfully once again despite it being a cold wintery weekend back in London, the incredible Spanish cosplayers and Madrid weather made it feel like summer!

As usual, we have to say a massive thank you to all of the cosplayers we filmed with. The sheer enthusiasm, love and passion you demonstrate make our work possible

Check out the full credits list here and please follow the individual cosplayers they were amazing!: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bVJk4EwRvGbmqvd7CzTev_uvvGg7kC_6Hu8U5ijPxI4/edit

Want to know who everyone’s cosplaying? Turn on subtitles!

If we filmed with you and you didn’t spot yourself, don;t worry! Additional shots will be appearing on our Social Media  Instagram, Facebook and TikTok very soon!

Production music courtesy of Epidemic Sound https://www.epidemicsound.com/

00:00 Japan Weekend 2022 – Cosplay Music Video Part 1 – “All Time Low”

02:55 Japan Weekend 2022 – Cosplay Music Video Part 2 – “Just Can’t Change My Emotions”

05:39 Japan Weekend 2022 – Cosplay Music Video Part 3 – “Just Can’t Change My Emotions” ♪

Stock footage of Madrid courtesy of Envato Elements

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