Cosplay Love – 86th Floor Cosplay Music Video 2023 ft Miraculous Ladybug, Demon Slayer, DreamSMP and MORE!

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It’s cosplay love month – and we are here with a brand new video celebrating our favourite shots that tell a cosplay love story!

No matter if you’re cosplaying with a romantic partner or with friends, cosplay love is always so much fun. Enjoy shots of our favourite fictional couples and groups from TV, film, and beyond!

From the romantic pairings of Ladybug and Chat Noir, Arataki Itto and Kujou Sara, The Joker and Harley Quinn – to the platonic groups of Love Live cheerleaders, My Hero Academia students and Anna and Elsa from Frozen!

There are simply so many fantastic characters out there to feel the cosplay love.

Cosplay Love
aceofprince and lavish_bookman as Ladybug and Chat Noir from Miraculous Ladybug at MCM Comic Con Birmingham 2021

Cosplay love – couples!

Cosplaying romantic characters is a great way to express your love for fictional characters and friends and create lasting memories of the moments you spend together cosplaying.

We have filmed cosplay couples at so many conventions worldwide, such as MCM London, Dokomi, Japan Expo, Dragoncon and New York Comic Con – people show their cosplay love by cosplaying duos all over the world!

Xayah and Rakan League of Legends Patreon Shoot May 2021 86th Floor Cosplay and Cons
grabbinlegs and katielavabug as Rakan and Xayah from League of Legends at 86th Floor Patreon Showcase May 2021

And there are examples of duos and groups from all kinds of fandoms in our Love Supercut – from Miraculous Ladybug, Dream SMP, Genshin Impact, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Naruto, The Owl House, Critical Role and more!

Philza and Technoblade Dream SMP Patreon Shoot Aug 2021 86th Floor Cosplay and Cons
IckleCosplay and katielavabug as Technoblade and Philza from DreamSMP at 86th Floor Patreon Showcase Aug 2021

Let us know what your dream cosplay duo is in the comments – I’ve always wanted to cosplay the Enchanted princess Giselle and James Marsden’s character Edward, or get my anime freak on and cosplay Deku and Uraraka from My Hero Academia!

Cosplay love – groups!

And of course, cosplay love extends to groups! We filmed a phenomenal love live cosplay group at MCM Birmingham – what better way to celebrate your friendship at an anime event than by cosplaying a bunch of characters who are also best friends?

Eret Tommy Technoblade Wilbur Soot and Tubbo Dream SMP 86th Floor Cosplay and Cons
starkeystudios, rascalrabbit_cosplay, IckleCosplay, jaeger_project and _tillysuperdog_ as Eret, Tommyinnit, Technoblade, Wilbur Soot and Tubbo from Dream SMP

The world of cosplay is filled with love and acceptance – no matter who you are or who you choose to cosplay with, there will always be people who will support and accept you.

We love cosplay and its ability to bring us together as we celebrate our love for fictional characters, but we also love cosplay for being a place of inclusivity, acceptance, and understanding.

Naruto Group Naruto Dokomi 2022 86th Floor Cosplay and Cons 1
bakkacosplay, sammyscosplay and tara.cosplay as Kakashi, Naruto and Hinata from Naruto at DoKomi 2022

We think we’ve captured that vibe perfectly in our Love Supercut, and we hope it fills you with all the Valentine’s Day love inspiration you’ve been searching for this February!

We hope this Love Supercut is inspiration for you to cosplay your favourite duos and groups – be it famous anime couples like Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, or giant friendship groups from The Owl House. Cosplay with your friends or loved ones at your next convention and feel the cosplay love!

Apex Legends Group Apex Legends MCM Birmingham November 2021 86th Floor Cosplay and Cons
el_blue_cosplay, cosqueenie, adventures_in_cosplay, micchaelwhichelo, hoxdolum, crashpunk25 and intrepidaxolotl as characters from Apex Legends at MCM Comic Con Birmingham November 2021

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