See why New York Comic Con Cosplay Blew Our Minds!

New York Comic Con Cosplay Video from America’s Largest ComiCon!

Our suitcases are unpacked (lies) and we’ve headed back to our day jobs (sadly true). But we’re all still thinking about the show-stopping cosplay from New York Comic Con

Over four whirlwind days we were treated to some of the most breath-taking cosplay we’ve ever seen. Think I’m exaggerating? See for yourself!

New York Comic Con cosplay - Elektra played by Elizabeth Rage.
Elektra cosplay by Elizabeth Rage

This was my first time filming with Elizabeth Rage, an amazing US cosplayer. At the end of the convention, we actually took some time to go and film Elizabeths’ Elektra cosplay in Hells Kitchen! This shot featuring tehe NYPD was one of my highlights of the convention and also my first trip to New York.

Mario cosplay by Akellyz

There were unique new takes on old favourites – have you ever wondered how Mario would handle a post-apocalyptic wasteland? The talented Akellyz wowed crowds with this engineering masterpiece. And while we say some amazing New York Comic Con cosplay this one really blew our minds!

Shuri cosplay by Cutiepiesensei

We saw cosplays so accurate that they looked like they’d fallen out of the cinema screen! Cutiepiesensei dazzled as Shuri

Mysterio cosplay

And this incredible replica of the new Spider-Man villain Mysterio, showing us how the talent of cosplayers can replicate costumes that take whole teams of costumer designers!

Batman and Robin cosplay by Capversecosplay and Spideyversecosplay

And how could you forget the old classics? This weekend they showed us just why they’re still so popular! These classic Batman cosplayers supplied New York Comic with the boundless fun and nostalgic that made this convention so special. 

Green Goblin cosplay by Vitaminjaydoherty

An open and welcoming event, New York Comic Con truly embodies the spirit of it’s resident super-hero – it’s friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. Fans of the hero appeared in their hundreds to don their Spider suits and share their love for one of the world’s most beloved characters in his hometown, New York City.


Black Cat cosplay by Kamaricosplay

The whole cast of Spider-Verse characters also appeared in the crowd, including Kamari Cosplay as Black Cat and this incredible Green Goblin cosplay by Vitamin Jay Doherty. The costume showcases incredible prosthetic work and fabrication but that didn’t stop him being thoroughly bested by Peter Parker!

Spider-Man and Venom cosplays

Celebrating it’s 14th year, New York Comic Con was more spectacular than ever with 4 days of entertainment, including panels, workshops and exclusive trailers.

While most of these events occurred behind closed doors, the con floor was brought to life by the glittering costumes of cosplay attendees! 

These intricate costumes cover every corner of the pop culture spectrum, from Hollywood blockbusters to indie games.

But the most popular costumes of this year came from the worlds of Marvel and DC

Across the weekend we saw a huge celebration of the new activity in the DC cinematic universe. 

Batman, Poison Ivy and Harley

In the excitement of the surprise attendance of Margot Robbie and the cast of Birds of Prey, Harley Quinn cosplayers brought out their best costumes, eager to meet the actress who has brought life to their favourite character. 

Attendees were also treated to an exhibition of never-before-seen costumes from the film, including those of Harley Quinn, Black Canary, Huntress, Renee Montoya, and Cassandra Cain.

Female fans have been especially excited by the decision by director Cathy Yan and screenwriter Christina Hodson to consciously avoid ‘the male gaze’ in their portrayal of Harley.

The costume designer Erin Benach has created crazy and riotous costumes that are already proving highly popular with cosplayers and Robbie’s clear appreciation for the amazing cosplay at the event was infectious!

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn

The release of The Joker has been a topic on every pop culture fan’s lips over the past week. Debate surrounding the film has made for exciting and occasionally controversial conversations. Cosplayers joined together to celebrate their love for the popular character, wearing both classic and new costumes. 

Nurse Joker cosplay by HollyWolf

Costume designs from Aquaman have also provided endless inspiration for cosplayers. Beyond simple replication of the costumes, con-goers have created their own designs. Cosplayer Helalipop creates intricate and beautiful hijabi cosplays to celebrate her culture. Her stunning design of ‘The Queen of Atlantis’ gathered a lot of praise at the event!

Hijabi Aquaman cosplay by Helalipop

On the other side of the comic book world, Marvel fans showed up in droves sharing their love for the comic and movie franchise. Venom, She-Hulk, Elektra, Shuri, Mysterio and Spider-Man were all spotted in the crowds but we also saw plenty of X-Men including Kitty Pryde, Wolverine, Quicksilver, Mystique and Archangel.

Wolverine and Cable cosplays

The exciting year of Marvel movies was clearly reflected in the variety and volume of cosplays found at the convention. Avenger’s Endgame‘s incredible success at the box office and diverse cast of characters has made it a natural source of inspiration for thousands of cosplayers. 

Disney+, the new streaming site that includes all Marvel films and tv shows, has announced numerous new series including eight new Marvel Cinematic Universe shows. Original films will also be released on the service and fans of Marvel have been watching closely for further announcements. 

Loki cosplayers were also in luck with the attendance of Tom Hiddleston. Hundreds of fans lined up to talk to him about their love for the character, pose for photos and ask him to sign autographs. 

The widely anticipated Women of Marvel panel was held on Sunday, showing an exclusive screening of Marvel Rising: Operation Shuri. The Black Panther character has been a fan-favourite since the release of the film with critics and viewers praising her intelligence and strength. 

This Punisher cosplayer wowed con-goers with his likeness to Jon Bernthal

Halloween spirit also descended on the convention centre with spell-binding cosplayers embracing everything spooky. 

The Sanderson sisters by CanvasCosplay ThatTomCat and Peppermonster

The Sanderson sisters strutted through the convention alleys, Beetlejuice was summoned, and Coraline dropped by from the Other World. The holiday is often our first introduction to the wonderful  world of dressing up and many cosplayers still hold an important place in their hearts for all things supernatural. 

Lydia Deetz and Beetlejuice cosplay by LittleCreeperCosplay

Costumes from Season 3 of Stranger Things also continued to prove popular. The Netflix show has gathered a huge following and the simplicity and comfort of the costumes makes it a clear choice for a long day at the convention. 

Coraline cosplay

The horror movie IT has been inspiring cosplayers since its release and with the new movie in theatres now, we saw more than ever – including exciting original designs like this femme Pennywise

Fem IT cosplay

What would a convention be without the colourful multitudes of anime and manga fans? Despite the clear popularity of Western media at NYCC, anime and manga is still a favourite for cosplayers! With AnimeFest returning for 2019, the convention catered to the desire for anime content at New York Comic Con. Gurren Lagann and Boku no Hero Academia continued to be favourites for cosplayers.

Bakugou cosplay by kennedy_cosplays

Cosplay classic Cowboy Bebop has recently received exciting news with Netflix sharing behind the scenes footage. The clip also confirmed that they have cast Ein – a welsh corgi – to star alongside John Cho, Mustafa Shakir, Daniella Pineda, and Alex Hassell. This comes one year after the Cowboy Bebop 20th anniversary panel celebration was held at NYCC 2018. It’s an anime that is never far from the hearts of con attendees and ElizabethRageCosplay shows why Faye Valentine continues to be a favourite for cosplayers worldwide.

Faye Valentine cosplay by Elizabeth Rage

In summary New York Comic Con was an amazing convention. If you have a chance to visit NYCC – I could not recommend it more!

New York Comic Con Cosplay was also a sheer delight and I can’t wait to return!

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