86th Floor Cosplay Showcase August 2022 – Awesome Cosplay!

Our brand new 86th Floor Cosplay Showcase may just be our best video ever… despite the fact we filmed it in a shed!

Right here and now you can see our brand new 86th Floor Cosplay Showcase video (it’s at the top of the page)! And while we might be biased, we think it’s one of the best cosplay videos we’ve ever made! Why not have a look for yourself? 👀

Cosplays in this video include Dream SMP, Critical Role, Genshin Impact, Star Wars The High Republic, Pokemon Sun and Moon and so much more.

Make sure to watch this video and see some of the best cosplays that were filmed…

Princess Zelda cosplay from the 
TWILIGHT PRINCESS: Princess Zelda – @aloe.cos

We filmed the showcase across two days at The Grange an amazing LARP, Airsoft, and Haddo site near Coventry.

Lillie Gladion Pokemon Sun and Moon August Patreon Showcase 2022 86th Floor Cosplay and Cons
POKEMON: Lillie + Gladion – @de_liller + @bezex.e

Unfortunately, it rained on the day of the shoot, and The Grange is primarily an exterior location! This meant we were confined to the indoor filming locations, which consisted of a tent and a shed. Luckily the amazing staff at The Grange let us go to town with our lights and smoke machine!

Sucrose (Genshin Impact Cosplayer)
GENSHIN IMPACT: Sucrose – @xeno_cosplay

As a result, this Cosplay Showcase has some of the most creative shots we’ve ever done! You’d never guess we were shooting in a tiny shed…

Fate Couple Cosplay 86th Floor Showcase
FATE: Jeanne D’Arc + Alter – @oinfinity_cosplays + @niconiicaps.cos

Once again, our Patrons blew us away with their creativity, performances and their ability to help us realise any shot we asked them to!

Mabel Gravity Falls August Patreon Showcase 2022 86th Floor Cosplay and Cons
GRAVITY FALLS: Mabel – @cosevie

We were also delighted to welcome new cosplayers to our Showcase family, and we’re really happy to spend more time with even more of our incredible Patreon and Discord community!

Tommyinnit Georgenotfound Dream SMP August Patreon Showcase 2022 86th Floor Cosplay and Cons
DREAM SMP: Tommyinnit + Georgenotfound – @pretty_lil_cosplayz + @tomorrowisalattergay

The Showcase Concept

We created our showcases to fill the space left by conventions not running in the UK in 2020 & 2021, but they’ve very quickly grown to be something much bigger.

Elzar Stellan Star Wars The High Republic August Patreon Showcase 2022 86th Floor Cosplay and Cons
STAR WARS: Stellan + Elzar – @kerberos.cosplay + @owlsantuary.cosplay

We have dedicated space and time with each cosplayer on these shoots. We make use of lights, fog and wind machines to get the best possible shots!

It’s resulted in some of our best work both in video and photos, and we’re so grateful to all the cosplayers who took part.

Keyleth Vex The legend of Vox Machina August Patreon Showcase 2022 86th Floor Cosplay and Cons
CRITICAL ROLE: Vax + Keyleth – @jayesixx + @devileah

Our showcase shoots are open to all of our amazing Patrons (though space is limited). For us, it’s a wonderful way to thank them for their support, as well as the chance to create work very different from our convention videos!

We’re currently looking to announce our next showcase very soon, so make sure you’re signed up to our Patreon to be the first to know when sign ups open! Watch this space 👀

Link Breath of the Wild August Patreon Showcase 2022 86th Floor Cosplay and Cons
BREATH OF THE WILD: Link – @el_blue_cosplay

About our Patreon

Our Patreon launched in October 2019 to help us make more videos and we’ve been blown away by the support we’ve received.

The Patreon has helped us upgrade our equipment, and along the way become the foundation of our Discord server, an incredibly supportive and warm community that we are very proud of.

Why not consider signing up to our Patreon joining the community and being part of the 86th Floor Cosplay showcase?

Jester Critical Role August Patreon Showcase 2022 86th Floor Cosplay and Cons
CRITICAL ROLE: Jester – @cos_lottie

How Can I Get Involved?

Our next cosplay showcases will be available exclusively for our Patreons. We expect them to book out very fast, so sign up now to be the first to know!

Our Patreon starts at $2 per month and all patrons will be eligible to sign up click here to see more!

Start thinking about cosplays that you’d love to see captured on film! If you have any friends who would also love to be a part of this then please send them here. We’d love for more people to get involved!

Photos from the 86th Floor Cosplay Showcase Shoot:

Just a selection of images from the amazing cosplayers we filmed with!

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