The latest Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 DLC has been announced by Activision.

The DLC will be released under the name  ‘Apocalypse’ and will be the last DLC pack for Black Ops 2. It features four new multiplayer maps and a new zombie aspect titled ‘Origins’. It’s been teased as the ” deepest zombies experience to date.” Origins is set in a Diesel Punk -Styled version of France during World War 1.

Players will face off against the original zombies as well as a giant 1,000 foot robot. There will also be a new perk machine which will award power-ups and supernatural ‘Wonder Weapons’.

The new multiplayer maps have been named ‘Pod’, ‘Frost’, ‘Takeoff’ and ‘Dig’.

‘Pod’  is set amongst a collection of dilapidated residential pods in Taiwan. ‘Frost’ as the name suggests is a snowy map styled on a european town.  ‘Takeoff’ and ‘Dig’, meanwhile, are adaptations of the ‘Stadium’ and ‘Courtyard’ maps from Black Ops and World at War respectively.

‘Apocalypse’ DLC will be priced at 1200 Microsoft Points and free to season pass holders. It’ will be available from August 27 on Xbox Live, with other platforms to follow.