The past few years have gifted moviegoers with the works of some true masters of the cinematic music experience. From stalwarts like the phenomenal Hans Zimmer, to newer arrivals like Alexandre Desplat and Cliff Martinez, we heard everything from lush electronica to full blown orchestras, and everything in between.

‘Contemporary Classics’ is a 25-track collection which features brand new versions of tracks taken from the soundtracks of the best independent, art house and just plain brilliant movies of the last few years. Alongside more recent films like ‘Carnage’ and ‘Rust and Bone’ there are also some modern classics, whose resonance with fans has seen them quickly established in the cannon as some of the best and most beautiful scores ever written. These include Danny Elfman’s wonderful ‘Edward Scissorhands’ compositions, as well as themes from ‘Withnail and I’ and ‘Romeo + Juliet’.

If you love modern cinema, then ‘Contemporary Classics’ might just be the album you’ve been looking for. You can listen to the album in full on Spotify, or purchase it from Google Play, Amazon¬†and iTunes.