Game of Thrones final episode premiered on UK TV last night – and we loved it. While we’re still in shock from the ending – we’re going to try and look back on our favourite scenes from Season 4.  There are spoilers ahead so watch the final episode before reading down and then let us know if we’ve missed any!

We’ve compiled all of these scenes into one playlist on our YouTube channel which you can see here!

The Viper vs The Mountain


Fans of the books have been waiting for this duel since season 1 – and they weren’t let down. Amazing fight choreography combined with real emotional resonance created a simply epic confrontation. We still wish it had ended differently though!




The Battle at Castle Black



The decision to devote all of Episode 9 to the battle as Castle Black was a brave one – but  we think it worked. With several incredible shots it challenges True Detective’s episode 4 for the most impressively cinematic piece of television this year




Tywin Lannister – Ruling

tywin lannister



This season we got to see Tywin Lannister in all his glory. We’ve previously written about Tywin being the greatest villain ever – but this season we got to see him go Machivelli on everyone – his scene with Tommen in the crypt is probably one of the coldest things we’ve ever seen!



Joffrey Dying

joffreyAn incredibly tension filled set of episodes lead up to arguably the most popular character death there has ever been on Game of Thrones. Although we have to say the show’s writers and Jack Gleeson did a fantastic job of making Joffrey just sympathetic enough to make sure we didn’t celebrate to much.




Tyrion on Trial


While Peter Dinklage has been given plenty of chance to shine in this series his trial (and final climatic scene in episode 10) allowed us to see exactly who the heart of the show is. The trial scene is a masterpiece in acting!




Sansa – Lying


A lot of characters went through transformations in this season and it was good to see Sansa changing from the captured heroine to an adult capable of her own decisions. The scene where she lies for Littlefinger was exceptional but does make us question where exactly is the character going in season 5?



Brienne Vs The Hound


An incredibly brutal fight and a completely different type of choreography from the earlier Mountain and The Viper fight but one that allowed both Brienne and The Hound to show how incredibly bad ass they are.




The Hound and Arya

aryahoundThe continuing relationship between The Hound and Arya has been one of the most enjoyably human parts of Season 4. We’re just sad that the two have gone their separate ways.





Queen Tyrell’s Revelation


Diana Rigg’s Queen Tyrell has always been awesome – but the scene with Margery where she explains exactly what went on at the wedding is a masterpiece!




Theon and Reek


Alfie Lewis transformation into Reek has been an incredible one to watch – revisting early seasons the change in character is phenomeonal and shows how well Alfie Lewis was cast.





Tyrion and Tywin – One More Time


The final scene with Tyrion and Tywin is both heartbreaking and cathartic. Tywin Lannister the greatest villain in the series is reduced in every way and the parallels between all of the conversations the two have had in the series are uncanny – although finally Tyrion gets the upper hand.  Our only regret – is that we would have loved to have seen an entire episode of Tywin and Tyrion talking to ensure we got the most out of it!



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