There are lots of talented guitarists on YouTube and lucky for us, lots of them are doing nerdy and geeky covers from all of our favourite films, shows and games. There are so many to find, we’ve started the search off for you with 10 brilliant geeky guitar covers on YouTube from metal to classical!

1.Suрer Мario Вrоs – Igor Presnyakov 

There is nothing to say about this guy but wow! Igor Presnyakov know exactly what he’s doing with that guitar and he does it well. Though the Super Mario Brothers Theme can be challenging he pulls it off all with only two hands and a classical guitar. And he does it all with a brilliant hat, what’s not to love!


2.Dark Souls – Gwyn, Lord of Cinder Meets Metal

331ERock is one of the most popular metal guitarists on YouTube and from this cover of Gwin, Lord of Cinder from Dark Souls. you can see why. He always brings quality metal covers of songs and soundtracks and all with a smile on his face. (Not sure if many people have smiles of their faces when they’re playing the game though!)


3.Yuri!!! on Ice Opening – History Maker [Fingerstyle Guitar Cover by Eddie van der Meer]

Eddie van der Meer is another guitarist on YouTube who’s popularity speaks for itself. This beautiful acoustic cover of Yuri On Ice’s opening ‘History Maker’ is a wonderful interpretation for acoustic guitar. That stunning drop into the chorus while adding that bass note always gets us! This certainly is something that can be looped over and over without getting sick of it.


4. Babylon 5 Theme – Epic Rock Cover By HeroPoint

Tom always impresses us with his brilliant guitar interpretations of everything cult and nerdy, this video and cover is no exception. Taking the theme from Babylon 5 and swapping orchestral strings for guitar and drums, this is a fresh new take on an old favourite.


5. Game of Thrones, Skyrim, Pirates of the Caribbean heavy metal mashup!!! – Charlie Parra del Riego

We’re getting three in one with Charlie Parra del Riego’s incredible mashup. Not only is his arrangement concise and well put together (with an awesome original solo) but his playing is outstandingly clean and full of great technique. This guy is clearly passionate about his guitar playing and this, along with his over covers, is a pleasure to watch.


6. Far Horizons The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Guitar Cover

While ‘Dragonborn’ is usually the go to track for cover artists, FamilyJules has gone for something different and chosen Jeremy Soule’s stunning ‘Far Horizons’ and transformed it into an epic rock arrangement (wait for that ocarina too!).

7. Undertale: Bonetrousle – Metal Cover || RichaadEB

If you’ve been on the internet for the past year, you’ll probably have heard of surprise hit game ‘Undertale’ and all the music covers that have come along with it. RichaadEB’s metal cover of Papyrus’ theme ‘Bonetrousle’ is a wonderful homage to the original, turning Toby Fox’s usual 8bit sounds into a cacophony of guitar-driven metal sounds!


8. Man of Steel – An Ideal of Hope on Guitar – Nstens1117

Whatever you thought of the movie itself, you can’t deny that it had an epic soundtrack (well, what do you expect from Hans Zimmer??) Nstens1117’s cover of An Ideal of Hope keeps that epic, drum-filled track and gives it a rock edge by swapping out strings for an electric guitar.


9. Star Wars – Guitar Medley (Episodes I-VI)

What’s a geeky list without some kind of Star Wars content?? Starting off with the main theme we all know and love, Vordrab, takes us through Episodes I to VI with insane skills, cool visuals (and cosplay…we love cosplay!)


10. Stranger Things Main Theme (Netflix Original) – Guitar Cover by CallumMcGaw

CallumMcGaw takes Stranger Things’ popular synthwave intro music and gives it an acoustic change. Keeping true to the original arrangement, his version turns the original eerie track into something more relaxing and friendly. Really shows what difference instruments make.