Remember playing ‘Super Mario World’ for the first time? Remember when Sega versus Nintendo was the ultimate playground battle? Then you’ll love ‘I Played 1990’, our collection of the best music from the greatest games of that year.

1990 was the year that finally saw Sega’s epic MegaDrive console hit European living rooms. Parents looked back fondly on the time when they could kick back with Corrie after work, as televisions across the country were suddenly taken over by the likes of ‘Shadow Dancer’, ‘Golden Axe’ and… ‘Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker’?

Yes, 1990 was also the year that saw everyone’s favourite white-gloved entertainer (no, not Mickey Mouse, although he also made a pretty epic console appearance with ‘Castle of Illusion’) hit the small screen in a big way, starring in one of the few genuinely awesome pop star crossover games that have ever existed. ‘Bad’? Hardly.

Finally gathered together in one fantastic album, relive the incredible music from the games you loved in 1990, anywhere and anytime.

I Played 1990 is available on iTunes and Spotify.