How did you spend 1992? Did you spend it fighting your friends on the first Mortal Combat or wondering why the hell you were creepily watching a bunch of girls at a sleepover?

‘I Played 1992’ is the album that takes you back to an amazing year for gaming! Featuring amazing tracks from ‘Mortal Kombat [Arcade]’ and ‘Prince of Persia’.

1992 was the year that we first played Mortal Kombat and immediately fell in love with Scorpion, it was the year that we wondered how all of the Mortal Kombat characters could secrete so much blood from a single punch. It was also the year that we viewed an entire female sleepover from a distance and saved these helpless females from weird zombie things in Night Trap. 1992 was a 2 dimensional, voyeuristic year!

‘I Played 1992’ is available on Amazon, Google Play and Spotify… FINISH HIM