If you were a kid in the late 80s and early 90s, the chances are you’ll love our latest gaming album, ‘System Addict: Genesis Masterpieces’. Part of our ‘System Addict Collection’, this album is a collection of the best and most popular themes from Genesis games of days-gone-by.

Still having nightmares about Doctor Robotnik? Miss the weapon-swinging glory days of ‘Golden Axe’? Remember how great it felt when you finally punched and kicked your way through ‘Streets of Rage’? Then ‘Genesis Masterpieces’ may well be the answer to your 8-Bit prayers. Including memorable themes from ‘After Burner’, ‘Turbo Outrun’, ‘Altered Beast’ and ‘Michael Jackson: Moonwalker’, it’s the perfect nostalgic listen for Genesis fans everywhere.

‘System Addict: Genesis Masterpieces’ is out now via iTunes and Spotify.